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KPMG announces International Business Case Competition

The Selection stages of the International Business Case Competition have been held at leading universities! Now you can apply for the Selection stage in February 2010 (for participants from all universities).

Use your knowledge, analytical and teamwork skills to find the best solution to a case during the Russian Final and win a trip to the International Final in Athens! Your team will represent Russia and compete with the best students from all over the world (12 countries participate).

The Selection stage for participants from different universities will be held on 17 February (KPMG`s Moscow office)

Registration is open until 12 February!

This Selection stage will determine the last team to join the winners of the university Selection stages in the Russian Final.

Please send a completed Application form to!


  1. You may apply individually or in groups of 2-4 members
  2. During the IBCC participants will be seeking to resolve the business cases in teams of 4 member. If you apply individually or in group of 2-3 members, KPMG specialists will comprise teams by themselves
  3. The task is to analyze a business case based on a general topic, work out a strategy for a specific situation, propose a solution and make the final presentation to the jury
  4. The jury will determine the brightest team, who will then join the Russian Final

Requirements to participants

  1. Undergraduates (not younger than 4th year students) or postgraduate students
  2. Russian and Belarusian residents only aged 18 years or over
  3. Valid foreign-travel passport (valid until at least October 2010) and ability to travel abroad on 6-10 April 2010
  4. Fluent English is obligatory for all participants
  5. The competition is only open to students who didn’t participate in the IBCC 2008 and 2009


Stage Information
Selection stages at the universities
December 2009
Find out more about the results
Russian Final
(KPMG's Moscow Office)
1 March 2010
Find out more
International Final
(Athens, Greece)
7-9 April 2010
Find out more

Registration of participants is now open

Please send a completed Application form to with "Case Competition" in the subject field. All the applicants will receive a notification letter on receipt. If you don’t receive a reply please call Marina Smus or Polina Pavlenko at +7 495 937 44 77.

Application Form

You will have a chance to sharpen your commercial awareness, develop team-working and presentation skills, demonstrate your talents in a competitive situation and learn about some of the key challenges for modern business.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to receive constructive feedback from leading KPMG professionals. Above all, it will not only require significant effort, but you will have a lot of fun and new fascinating connections!

IBCC assessment criteria are the same during all stages

  1. Strategic orientation and business focus
  2. Problem solving and proactive thinking
  3. Time and task management
  4. Presentation skills
  5. Teamwork skills


Should you have any questions or comments, please refer to Marina Smus or Polina Pavlenko at +7 495 937 4477. More details you may find here.


PFL Project Management

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